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                                               :: Who We Are ::

A Brief History Behind This Website.

Funmaza.com is the site which is offering the nations with entertainment and a lot of stuff to deal with and was launched on 2001 with the following URL www.funmaza.cjb.net but with the passage of time we got a bundle of appreciations from our active visitors.We felt that we should move this web into something with more Maza.With these intentions we then launched Funmaza.com a domain with more fun & maza. Due to some reasons the site was closed and we lost our very good and routine visitors but the emails of visitors insisted us to launch this web again. Finally, on June,2004 Funmaza.com was launched and till up to November 2004 it got more appreciations than before and thousands of visitors visits the web daily now. There were a bunch of complains from visitors that the layout of site have had some problems in loading & other such problems. Keeping in view all the complaints, comments, suggestions, feedback & ideas we have launched our new version called Funmaza.com [Lite Version V]. This layout took no more time to download & have very friendly interface. We have recalled your all comments & suggestions etc. While making this very new design. We hope Funmaza.com's Lite version 5 will be appreciated by you. When we started this web then we were not mentally prepared as there were some problems but one day gave me an idea to make Funmaza.com again. Thus I by polling & by voting etc got the heeds of other visitors & webmasters and finally decided to launch the web called Funmaza.com. Now to redesign the web was also a problem. After a hard work we came out with the new Layout .The job was really hard and a lot of blood & sweat has been put into this effort of course we have to design & manage the layout accordingly to the users demands. However, our target is to Convince our Lovely Visitors by our service that Funmaza.com is not only Top site of Pakistan but for whole of PAKISTAN .


Special Thanks

I'm very thank full to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Who give me power & passion to make this site. Secondly I am very thank full to all those people who encouraged me and appreciated me for my work. Well I would like to say thanks to my friends
especially the one who was with me on every step. There suggestions to make this web & to get the favor of visitors was really a source of learning for me.
Also I would like to do thanks to my family. And to my team partner with which I worked and pass a lot of time in discussing about this site. At last I have proud to mention about my all friends & colleagues for their painstaking efforts and kind assistance that inspired me to carry out this work successfully. I would like to thanks to

And also all those visitors who refer this web to other visitors.

Hope that you will enjoy your stay here. May Allah Bless You.




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