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                                       :: Nokia Series C Games::

        + Bowling                   ---------->        Click Here To Download Game
        + Golf Manager         ---------->        Click Here To Download Game
        + Sp8Ball                    ---------->        Click Here To Download Game
        + Spruce Driver        ---------->        Click Here To Download Game
        + Spruce GO               ---------->        Click Here To Download Game
        + Spruce Man             ---------->        Click Here To Download Game
Instructions How To Install Java Games To Mobile

To use the free Nokia java games you will need to Follow the simple steps below.

1. Download one of the Free Nokia Java Game files to your computer,
    and unzip the contents to a folder called 'Games' on your desktop.
    You may need winzip to do this.
2. Download and install
PC Suite 56MB ( yes it's big, but well worth it! )
3. Connect your Nokia to your computer with an infra-red cable
4. Launch the Application Installer



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