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                    :: How To Increase Hotmail Storage To 250 Mb ::

10 Steps To Get 250 Mb Hotmail Inbox

Follow the Steps Below To Get 250 Mb of Storage :

1. Sign in your Hotmail Account

2. Goto "Options" in your upper right corner of account

3. Click on "Personal" Menu and than "Profile"

4. In "Profile" change your "Location" to "United States" and State to "Florida" and "Zipcode" to "33334" and click "OK" and than "Continue" button

5. After Completing the Steps above click the Link Below:
 " Click Here To Close Account "

6. Than click on " Close My Account " button... and your account will be Deactivated... Temporarily.

7. Now again goto " http://www.hotmail.com " and login your account...

8. You will see an Activation message...Follow the Instructions and activate your account...

9. After your account is activated  you will be logged in your account with a Storage space of 25 Mb

10. Your account will be Upgraded to 250 Mb within 0-30 Days


Note: Remember to Backup or Store Your Emails in a Safe Place as There is a Risk of Losing old Mails in somecases...But while we tested our data remained safe!

      We are not responsible for any loss or Damage caused by the Trick above.




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