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                                              :: Funny Tricks ::

   Magic Rope Trick 2


To perform the trick, you will need a long rope and a pair of scissors..

1) Clip the two ends of a rope with your fingers and thumb as shown in the diagram on the left.
2) Pick the loop up and clip it between your thumb and index finger.


3) Tell your audience that you are going to cut the rope into two pieces as you are cutting the top loop into two halves.


4) Say Shimmer Shimmering as you put another hand on top of the rope holding hand.

Secret of the Trick:
5) When you bring the end loop up to the top, pull out a small loop from the piece underneath the index finger to substitute the original loop as shown in the diagram.


You need to practice a lot in order to get the looping action smoothly. When you stretch out and restore the rope, hide the short length of rope in your hand and use it for the next act - Magic Rope Trick (3).


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