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                                             :: Funny Jokes ::

Jokes about Animals Animal Jokes
The chicken crossing the road is only the start of the story with this collection of furry funnies.
Jokes about Lawyers Lawyer Jokes
At light hearted look at those pillars of society and leaders in the field of ethics!
Bar Jokes Bar Jokes
A collection of some of the finest bar jokes, and drinking humor anywhere on the web.
Jokes about Politics Political Jokes
My favorite section, the politicians provide a never ending stream of jokes.
Blonde Jokes Blonde Jokes
Everything from blonde questions and answers to full blown (sic) humorous blonde stories.
Jokes about relationships Relationship Jokes
From the harmony and bliss of marriage, to angelic children and more...
Ethnic Jokes Cultural Differences
Just a little fun on the differences between our many nationalities and how we all love each other!
Redneck Jokes Redneck Jokes
It's time poke a little fun at the good 'ol boys. You know who you are!
Technology Humor Computers & IT Jokes
Everything from helpdesk howlers to the Madness of King Bill!
Jokes about Religion Desi Jokes
Get the CooOOolest Collection of Funmaza.com own created jokes :)
Jokes about Criminals Criminal Humor
Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when we laugh at you... etc.
Sporting Humor Sports Jokes
Sportsmen and women of the world unite in the silliness of our passion for pain!
Medical Jokes Doctor Jokes
Have a laugh at those white coated maniacs who drink and smoke more than us.
Dumb Jokes Stupid Jokes
They're like kids jokes, only you're all allowed to laugh at them... honest!
Jokes about Education Education Jokes  
Ah the student life, cheap beer, dirty dishes, and no discernable work to do!
Jokes about transport Transportation Jokes
Planes. trains and automobiles all given an even dose of humor.
Funny Insults Insults
Stuck for a witty put down? Want to degrade and humiliate family members? Come on in!
Office Jokes Work related Jokes
We go everyday, usually hate it, and you should probably be doing it right now!
Kids Jokes Kids Jokes
Loads of one-liners, silly stories and general fun for kids of all ages, 5 to 90!
Joke Of The Month Joke of the Month
Our favorite joke submited by you in our monthly Joke Competition.





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